Saturday, July 30, 2016

A letter to a Queen.


I know you know the importance of self love. If not, I would hope you would understand your value and worth. You my darling, are nothing but a diamond among the rough. A precious jewel that must be cherished & well taken care of. If you understood the process of a diamond, you would completely understand what I am trying to say.

Queen, you weren't created nor designed to be like anyone else. You were born to stand out to shine as bright as you choose. You are no longer breakable, but strong because you have been under pressure. You understand that the situations you go through isn't to harm you, but to make you stronger.

Just like a diamond, you will have rough spots that will need some cutting, (Yes, it will be painful, but is necessary for growth), where you need to be polished and examined closely by God, but who doesn't?  God not only takes time polishing you to be more like Him, but also closely examines your heart, mind, & spirit because out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

 Adamas, the greek word for diamond meaning unconquerable & indestructible which you are.  You are not cheap, nor is this gem found everywhere. It's rare, it's desirable but not everyone can survive under the pressure, but then again its not formed overnight. It takes time, so be patient in the process.

Queen, with this knowledge I want you to know that if a man wants to pursue you, he needs to know your value. He needs to know that you aren't just someone's late night_____,  (you can fill in the blank) but someone's daughter, a precious jewel that must be treasured.

But Queen, you must also know who you are in Christ before you decide that you want to invest in some relationship. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing. Know that your purpose that God has given you will not be belittled because they can't see your goals & where God is taking you. You must stand firm on your beliefs & not jepordize your purity for temporary pleasures.

Protect your heart, but also your mind. Any man that wants you, must work for your heart, but have to seek God first before they can even get close to yours. A diamond just isn't laying on top of soil, its buried 100 miles underground. It requires work, time, energy, all things that are required for any relationship to be successful.

So Queen, I will leave you with this...stop investing in relationships that leave you feeling drained and tired of always giving your 100 when they only want to give 50. It's not only wasting your time, but theirs. When you are constantly giving yourself to someone who doesn't take time to do the same, you will begin to resent them and that's not healthy. So make sure you choose wisely who you invest in.

I want you Queen to be successful, to know your worth, to see how you can change the world. That you have the knowledge & wisdom that can impact the next generation. That you're just at the beginning to something so amazing that God is going to do through you.

 Queen you must know that no man will ever take the place that God will fulfill. It just won't happen, nor will it end well. So whatever you do, continue seeking after Christ, wearing your crown proudly & boldly. Keep shining bright, not allowing any negativity & pettiness keep you from seeing your potential.

-From one Queen to another

Monday, July 18, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


It's been a while since I've wrote something to my beautiful sisters. I hope each & everyone of you who is reading this, is doing well, wearing your crowns bold & proudly. If not, my heart goes out to you. I know sometimes, somedays aren't always easy. There are times when you feel like giving up, times when you feel super stressed about relationships, school, finances, I mean the list can go on..but I just want y'all to know that you are not alone. Don't you even think about giving up. It's not an option. Whatever you are going through will not only stretch you, but show you growth within yourself. It will not only show you how strong you really are, but it will help you discover that you can't control everything, nor is it your job to do so, it's God's.

Lately, I've been getting a lot of messages from my sisters around the world, all having to do with guys. Some of it is exciting to read, because you are excited to share with me about your potential man, but some messages have been extra sad, I mean from break ups, to being cheated on, to stressful times in school, etc.

I just wanted to share what I've learned when it comes to dating. I'm no expert at all so bear with me. When I first starting dating, I was a college student. I know it may be surprising to many, but yes I was focused and didn't have time for men because my education was my ticket for a brighter future. I did know for a fact though, whoever I was going to date, it was going to be with a purpose. Not really a fond believer in wasting other people's time, nor did it seem right to date someone with no intentions of marriage.

Sometimes relationships don't work out, I can attest to that. I got my heart broken, thought I was never going to date again, & allowed my heart to grow hard towards men. I didn't want nothing to do with them. I was bitter, but God revealed so much to me through my singleness. He showed me a few things:

1. No man can ever satisfy me to the full capacity which God does.
2. No man should ever try to take the place where Jesus should be.
3. It's hard to love someone when you don't fully understand the importance of self love.
4. Priorities are a must, but God must be number one.
5. You can't change someone's faith or lack there of. It's not wise to date someone who isn't heading in the same direction as you as in being equally yoked.
6. Don't ever lower your standards for someone that you think has all the qualities, but stays only at his potential.
7. Don't jeopardize your faith, because when all else fails, God never will.
8. Trust in the process of waiting. Stop trying to rush being in a relationship. When the timing is right, God will bless you with someone who will cherish you.
9. Don't get so busy with your significant other, that you begin to neglect your friends.
10. Always be in constant prayer for whoever you are dating, no matter what.

God didn't intend for us to have to handle broken hearts and endless nights of crying, but we live in a broken world. God does want you Queens to be reminded, that even though your heart may be hurting, He is there to comfort you, to heal you, to restore whatever pain you are going through. God wants what's best for you, and if it means taking something away, whether its a relationship, or friendship to give you something even better, trust Him.

He knows what He's doing. He knows what you can handle. He knows what's going on in your heart. He feels your pain, he knows your burden, but I know for a fact, He won't let you go through it alone. He loves you Queens. He wants you to know that your situations you may be going through, isn't in vain. It has a purpose, you have a purpose. So don't give up.  God loves you more than you even know, He knew you before you were even born, He understands you when no one does, He sees your potential, He knows the outcome. I love you Queens, so don't ever think you have to go through whatever alone. Wear your crowns boldly & proudly no matter what you may be going through. You are royalty. Nothing less.
                                                             -From one Queen to another