Friday, June 23, 2017

A letter to the girl who felt like she wasn't enough.

To the girl who feels like you aren’t enough. The girl who has been beaten down with words, bruised with scars from her past. The girl  who has been overlooked because she doesn’t fit the stereotypical trend of being so called, “real” but everything “she” possessed was bought with a price. The girl who continues to compare her life to the next, not knowing that their  highlights aren’t real life. The girl who doesn’t really feel like she is adequate, nor has the energy to love someone again. This letter is for you.

You are enough. I wish I could just come through this computer screen, hug each & everyone of you. I would comfort you as we cried together sharing the pain and hidden struggles we’ve been through or still going through.  For what you are going through, you don’t have to prove to no one because this is your journey. You are enough and that in itself is enough to keep going. Phil 1:6

Demeaning words you may have been told, or the self defeating thoughts you have on repeat in your mind, isn’t truth. The truth is, you are made worthy through the blood of Christ. You are loved. You are desired. You are special.You have purpose. You deserve nothing but the best. You are created for something so much more than you can even comprehend. Psalm 138:8

Your past is the past. It does not define you. It creates this inner strength that comes from walking through fire. It refines you into the woman you were created to be. It isn’t to break nor destroy you, but grow you. God has made known that you are not who you used to be. For when you gave your life over to God, surrendering your life, you were made new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

There’s something special about staying true to who you really are. Not falling for this trap of feeling as though you have to have everything all together. As though you can’t breakdown or become vulnerable because people see it as a weakness. So we have all these sisters walking around, smiling like everything is fine, but from within, they are looking for someone to pour their heart out to. Don’t be afraid to seek help, to go to someone who you can trust. Don’t you dare feel as though you have to live up to society’s definition of “perfection.” Continue to better yourself by focusing on yourself. Romans 12:2

Don't get so caught up with comparing your journey with someone next to you. We all have our own stories, baggage, history that God has written for just you. You might have similar things you have been through, but no one will ever have the exact testimony of how God rescued you. How he saved you from yourself. God doesn't want you wasting your time wishing you had a life like her or him because 9 out of 10, someone could be looking at your life, wishing they had yours. Be thankful with the season of life you are in. Be grateful that God brought you this far.

Your heart may be hurting because things didn’t turn out the way you planned. The relationship you thought was a forever thing, didn’t last. The friendship you cherished, went south. My heart is hurting with you. I feel your pain I know what it feels like to let go when all I wanted was to continue holding on. Overtime, those wounds heal. Your heart begins to love again, and the peace you lacked, becomes evident. You no longer feel like you aren’t enough. You know who you are in Christ. Your pain was carried when you gave them over to Christ. For the life he gave you, was bought at a price. So to the girl reading this letter, know that God loves you dearly even when it’s sometimes hard for you to love yourself. He wants nothing but the best for you. He will continue chasing after you. Because to Him, you are enough.  Is. 43:25