Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Live Deeply Rooted Prayer Journal Challenge

When I created this journal, I knew that I wanted it to be able to serve anyone who was struggling with their prayer life or didn't understand where to even begin when it came to prayer. I wanted to be able to provide for those a guideline to help lead them to a better prayer life through being consistent and showing up for God through their time spent journaling. 

I wanted whoever was going to join this 21 day challenge with me to feel the Holy Spirit lead them and work on their behalf. This journal serves as a tool to help guide prayers for the first 10 days as one will eventually begin to write their own. You will also be provided with daily Bible Scriptures and questions to reflect on during your prayer time.

As you progress throughout the journal, you will find space for you to create your own prayers as you grow and have a better understand when it comes to your prayer life. I am so excited to continue to grow with you and watch your life be transformed as you intentionally spend time getting to know yourself and God more through this challenge.

 To join the challenge and purchase your journal, click this link provided below. --Sopha Rush