Monday, November 30, 2015

From a Queen to a King.

Dear King,

God has found favor in you. Yes You. Do you not see the power God has instilled in you to conquer life's most difficult storms? He has given you all the tools you need to overcome, you must apply them. What good is a tool is if isn't being used? Study yourself, learn your strengths & weaknesses.  No longer are you to live in your childish ways, but becoming the King you were created to be. You indeed have big shoes to fill, but God didn't just give you tools with no instructions. He gave you Christ as your model, your finished product, the way your life should be reflected.

  When God woke you this morning, he didn't just give you another day to just walk through life without purpose. He woke you up this morning so you could get things right with him. He gave you another day to grab a hold of new opportunities, new beginnings. You must see your worth as a King, not just a "somebody" because to God you are His everything. Who else do you know would give up their only child so you could live? Nobody I know. For when you begin to live your life pleasing to God, you will notice the importance of your life. Your purpose will begin to unfold. You will see life in a whole new perspective. God will not only begin to bless your life, but also guide you on your journey. You will never be alone. He will always be walking along side you. You must be willing to hand over all control and trust Him.

Yes, you may think it makes you less of a man to cry and pour your heart out, but man it does your soul good. It brings healing to go before God on your knees seeking peace, comfort, strength, courage, etc. God hears your prayers and knows what you are going through. When you feel like you are not being heard, just know that there isn't a prayer that doesn't go unheard or unanswered. God is listening, it may not be in the way you want it to be, or your timing, but I promise you He hears you.

If you are not in the right position to lead, there is no need to get into a relationship with a Queen. Focus on getting yourself on the right track instead of leading on a woman with no intentions of making her your Queen. You need to allow time for growth and maturing before you can try to make someone your other half.

Coming from a Queen, no one wants a man that doesn't know his purpose, nor know how to respect a woman. You need to know what it means to serve one another in love, being reminded that she is not just a woman, but someone's daughter, sister, friend.

The way I see it King, your Queen should be someone you can see yourself marrying, building a legacy with. Someone who can bring you closer to God, grinding to win souls cause  So from a Queen's point of view, keep striving to become a better King. No King ever stopped with one victory. They continued fighting even if they were felt defeated. Same goes for you, don't give up the fight of trying to get things right.

 Know your purpose. Keep working on YOU, making sure you learn the responsibilities as a King.

-From a Queen to a King

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